12 signs of a desperate man…

It’s often believed that women are always more desperate than men, but the fact is men too can be desperate. No woman wants to be in a relationship with a desperate man, period! So y’all single women out there, how can you tell if a man is desperate or not? Here is how;

Always eager to please you

For P’s sakes,which woman out there would want to be in a relationship with a man who makes it a point to please her? This is a sign of emotional weakness. The man will definitely be awarded the title of “Mr. Doormat”, and who is to blame here?

When the intimacy comes way too fast

This is a pretty much obvious. A relationship should be allowed to grow gradually and with time, intimacy and sex will naturally follow suit.

When the ‘I love you’ comes so soon

There’s no beating about the bush here. One can never be sure when to say ‘I love you’. But to some women, saying these three little words so soon is a sign of a desperate man. How about leaving it out completely or until your both sure you’re on the same page.

Texting, calling and emailing too much

This constant communication can be suffocating. Calling or texting you super early in the morning or late in the evening is utterly annoying.  This man does not give you any breathing space and that is very disrespectful on his part. In fact, as a rule, a man should respect the times when you wake up and when you go to bed. 

Always agreeing with what you say

C’mon, even siblings do have disagreements. A desperate man will constantly agree with everything you say because he has this idea locked up in his head that if he pleases you, you will soon give in to what he wants, a relationship. This right here is a man who does not understand that women look for men who are able to stimulate their own minds.

Eager for you to meet his family and friends

A woman would want to meet a man’s family and friends, EVENTUALLY. But, you’ve only gone for say 2-3 dates, and before you know it, you’ve already met all his friends and family members. GOSH!!!

Always buying you gifts (expensive and cheap)

Do not get me wrong, every woman loves gifts, but there reaches a point when this gift giving thing becomes unflattering and a piss-off. After sometime the gifts lose their meaning. Although many disregard it, the element of surprise can be the spark that refreshes your relationship but when you constantly receive his gifts, the feeling and concept begins to lose its meaning. The thrill in gift receiving is eventually lost.  

Tight marking your social media statuses

Many of us are signed up as members on the various social media websites such as Twitter, Face book and my space. If he responds to any and every update you post, he is acting like a dog guarding his master in the night.

Low self-esteem

Ask any woman, a man with low-self esteem is a total turn-off. A desperate man relentlessly needs to be complimented for everything (even the most trivial of things) he does.

Always wanting to talk about his problems

Everyone has their own problems; you can’t expect the woman to solve all your problems for you. This is outwardly needy and a needy man is a turn off.

Makes you the centre of his universe in such a short period of time

A desperate man will make you the centre if his universe so fast you wouldn’t know how to react, except be rude to him.

Being overly nice

Oh the nice guys!!!!Ever heard of the saying: women often fall for the bad guys? Well, this just might be true. I mean being overly nice to woman could be a total turn off. Am not saying women should look for men who will beat them and the like, NO. But usually, being overly nice could also be a sign of low-self esteem; which, sadly is another turn off. Be nice to your woman, absolutely, but some women would prefer men who’ve got the balls to stand up for themselves.


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